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Young People

Living with a skin condition can be challenging. Here are medical facts about skin conditions and where and how to get support.

Did you know?

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Around 1/5 children and young people in the UK have eczema and not everyone “grows out of it”

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80-90% of teenagers get acne, so spots are a completely normal part of growing up. Thankfully there are effective treatments if the spots are bothersome

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If the first treatment you are given doesn’t work, don’t give up hope. There are plenty of options and new research happening all the time!

Young people's stories

Stories of other people’s experiences can help you to understand or learn more about your condition. We want to build a network and create a supportive space for those affected by their conditions.

Skin conditions and mental health

We understand the impact skin conditions can have on your mental health; we have provided some resources to help out