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Isotretinoin Prescribing for under 18yrs

July 14, 2023

Isotretinoin update

Many of you will have heard that there are some changes to he prescribing of Isotretinoin following a report of the commission of human medicines isotretinoin expert working group published in April. Recommendations for all patients include the need for a comprehensive risk acknowledgement form, better counselling and monitoring for side effects and more research into long term side effects.

There will be particular implications for dermatologists who prescribe isotretinoin for CYP, in whom the following recommendations were made:

Adolescents under 18 years of age should be treated by a healthcare professionals with appropriate expertise in treating children and young people, ideally in a setting that is able to support the appropriate counselling of patients and parents or carers for the above risks and with an identified appropriate care pathway if side effects occur.

There should be greater oversight of isotretinoin treatment in those under 18 years, including agreement by two healthcare professionals that isotretinoin is the most appropriate treatment option before it is prescribed and that patients and their families have been adequately informed.

Members of the BSPAD and BAD have been working with the MHRA to advise on how these mandatory recommendations can be implemented without imposing unnecessary delays or barriers to treatment. A comprehensive set of materials is in development, including updated patient information, risk acknowledgement form, GP referral information, a GP proforma, patient reminder card, pharmacist checklist and clinic follow up proforma. There will be educational materials to help prescribers understand the new requirements.

There is no need to make any changes yet. Further communications are expected late summer with a view to implementation in Oct/Nov.